BTF – Call for beamtime – 2024 Half 1

Dear BTF user

We are glad to inform you that the LNF – Beam Test Facility (BTF) will be opened for external users’ beamtime in the date range:

February 12, 2024 (week 7) up to June 2, 2024 (week 22)

We thus invite all interested colleagues to submit beamtime requests. The submission period will:

  • start TODAY
  • be closed on January 12, 2024

BTF2/BTFEH2 is the line/hall available to users with some limitations:

  • gas feeding is not available.
  • maximum multiplicity is 10^6 particles/s.
  • DAFNE operations are foreseen, so we expect an average of 10 shots/s.
  • More information will be available at https://btf.lnf.infn.it/specs/

BTF1/BTFEH1 will not be available to users.

IMPORTANT: We remind you that we will assign beam periods in units of weeks (as a rule), from Monday (starting from 12:00) to Sunday, with an admitted overlap on the subsequent Monday morning (up to 12:00) for setup decommissioning and removal.

Before applying for beamtime, if you are unaware of the BTF2/BTFEH2 capabilities or would like to get more information and specifications, please write to btf@lnf.infn.it


For requesting beam time, please follow the related guides:


by consulting the BTF Call Guide

Motivation or reference to approved experiment/scientific committee reports, a list of recent publications with citation or acknowledgment, or any other reference to BTF, will be considered during the call evaluation.

The submitter will be considered as TEAM LEADER for the request and TEAM GLIMOS for the beamtime once approved.

The TEAM LEADER and all TEAM MEMBERS must each have an active INFN account (LoA2) to comply with the GDPR and INFN requirements for IT services.

Depending on the number of requests, proposal rejections are expected. We foresee the next call will start in March 2024, for getting beamtime in Summer 2024.

Up to now, no beam time will be available to users in Autumn 2024.

A beamtime draft schedule will be released one month before the first beamtime week, confirming the acceptance of applications. In the case of rejection, you will be informed as well.
We also underline that after the beam time assignment, modifications of the schedule will still be possible; all affected users will be promptly informed.


Again, please also take note of the following:

The beam request contact person will be also the team leader and responsible for the access procedures and safety of all the team members (GLIMOS). The team leader is also responsible for creating the experimental team.
More information is available at the link:

Any participant in the test beam (including the TEAM LEADER) will have to provide the required documentation in advance.
More information is available at the link:

– In case you need transnational EUROLABS access, we remind you that LNF-BTF belongs to EUROLABS WP3

Many thanks for your collaboration!

BTF staff