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The DAFNE BTF Access to Facility

To receive updates on news and call for abstract deadlines, please subscribe to the BTF Newsletter.

In order to receive updates on news and deadlines, please subscribe to the BTF Newsletter.
To request access at the BTF facility please fill the following application software, you should provide the following information:

Access Request for BTF Facility

To request access to the the BTF facility please,

  1. Check the availability of call for beam time proposal on the home page
  2. Ensure to have a valid INFN user account (refer to the guide INFN User Account)

During the call booking period: use the provided application software (refer to BTF Call Guide)

where you should provide information as:

  • Your name, phone, email, and affiliation (as team leader).
  • Physics motivation and experimental setup details.
  • The beam time parameters for each experiment, including the foreseen overall time of the run.
  • The time needed for experiment setup installation and decommissioning.
  • The initial and final date of your experiment (starting on Monday, ending on Sunday, maximum decommissioning end time at 1159AM on the following Monday).
  • Fast description of your setup and installation, providing any safety concerns
  • Any needed services from BTF or LNF (e.g., logistics, high voltage, networking, data acquisition, cabling, diagnostic devices).
  • Compile a detailed document with the intended operations, downloadable from the provided application software (installation, beam time management, run-time phases…)

For any problem, please send an e-mail to the BTF staff