BTF Team and Support

Here is the information for BTF users to get support for experimental setup implementation from the BTF team or LNF Services.

For beam time and call-related information, please contact:

Luca Foggetta (BTF Scientific Manager)

For information regarding BTF experimental area, LNF/BTF services availability to implement/deploy users’ setup, and BTF related technical information, please contact:

BTF team contact

For BTF access, LNF venue hospitality, and related administrative support

LNF Guesthouse booking

LNF Radiation Protection Service

LNF Health and Safety Service

BTF site

BTF Team

Bruno Buonomo

BTF Technical Manager – LINAC Head


Fabio Cardelli

LINAC staff, TEX scientific manager


Domenico Di Giovenale

BTF staff


Claudio Di Giulio

LINAC and BTF staff


Luca Foggetta

BTF Scientific Manager and LINAC staff